Customize Your Plastic Squeeze Bottles and Give Your Company a Competitive Edge

plastic squeeze bottles with branding

Custom Plastic Squeeze Bottles – Bottles Jars and Tubes Inc.

Learn about our many options for customizing your plastic squeeze bottles. Call for more decoration guidelines or order your samples today!

Coca-Cola, Quaker Oats and Campbell Soup were some of the very first companies to be branded with a specific logo, image, color scheme and trademark. As a result, most people associate these products with longevity, quality and a certain culture or prestige. Defining a brand takes time, dedication and repeated saturation of the consumer market. If you’re trying to gain brand recognition with your product, there are several ways you can customize your plastic squeeze bottles or other plastic bottles and containers to mold them into recognizable, distinct products that stand out from your competitors.

While nothing is wrong with simple packaging, memorable plastic squeeze bottles can assure that consumers purchase your product again, even if they can’t remember the product’s name! Think about it: how many times have you or someone you know went to the store looking for “that blue bottle with the yellow squiggles” in the hair products aisle? Eventually, loyal customers will be able to pair a name with that design, but until they become a consistent user, they may merely recognize that product based on its packaging design. And that’s where customization comes into play.

Bottles Jars and Tubes understands the importance of brand recognition and the ability to be competitive in a global economy. That’s we we offer many different options for customizing your plastic squeeze bottles or other plastic bottles and containers.

Hot Stamping

hot stamping sampleThe hot stamping process is an environmentally friendly one that utilizes heat, pressure and an extremely thin polyester film to brand your plastic squeeze bottles. Ideal for simple, one color logo designs, hot stamping allows you to easily brand your product with a recognizable logo. First, we take the die created from artwork and mount it to a fixture that’s connected to the machine we use for our hot stamping. Then, the hot stamping foil is firmly positioned over the plastic bottle before we firmly press the die onto the foil and imprint your product. Bottles Jars and Tubes Inc. provides our customers with 12 standard color options for foils as well as two types of foil materials: Metallic Foil Construction for a more metallic, shimmery look and Pigment Foil Construction for a flat matte or glossy finish. Read more about our hot stamping process and available options here.

Printed Labels

labeling exampleLabels for your plastic squeeze bottles and other specialty plastic bottles and containers can either be produced digitally or with a printing press. You also have the option to provide us with your own professionally-made artwork. Just remember: the higher quality your artwork is, the better your printed labels will turn out.

Printed labels can either be very detailed art or simple ingredient labels, but regardless, there are many options for quantity, size, material and adhesives. Here are a few things to think about before ordering printed labels for your specialty bottles or plastic containers:

  • How many will you be ordering?
  • What shape do you prefer? We offer square, circle, oval, rectangular and even custom shapes!
  • What are the dimensions of your design? There may be an additional charge for custom dies.
  • What material do you want your design printed on? We offer films, papers, foils and thermals. It all depends on the look you’re after!
  • Do you want your label to be permanent or removable? This will determine the kind of adhesive needed.

Additionally, there are even more customization options for you to consider! Check them out here.

Bottles Jars and Tubes Inc. is proud to offer color customization options as well! Whether you want natural colored plastic squeeze bottles or a brightly-colored custom tube, you have the ability to choose. Call or email us today to learn about our advanced options for color customization.


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