Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes for Handmade Products

cosmetic squeeze tubes

Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes – Bottles Jars & Tubes

Ready to sell your handmade cosmetics items but not sure about packaging? Browse all the cosmetic squeeze tubes Bottles Jars & Tubes has to offer!

Organic, handmade cosmetics and lotions are all the rage these days. With more and more people turning away from factory processed items and searching for more natural beauty products, there’s never been a better time to get into the handmade cosmetics game.  Sure these products are easy for you to make for your friends and family at home, but how will you package these products to sell to online or in-store consumers? That’s where our cosmetic squeeze tubes come into play.

Bottles Jars & Tubes offers cosmetic squeeze tubes that are perfect for moisturizers, lotions, face masks, and all sorts of other handmade cosmetics. If you’re looking to start your own small business and build your own brand Bottles Jars & Tubes has your back! Offering customization options and bulk packaging, as well as tools you can use to fill and seal your plastic squeeze tubes, we are your one stop shop for creating the perfect packaging process for your products.

Bottles Jars & Tubes is happy to work with you on the design you’re looking for to create the perfect image to represent your brand and the artwork is 100 percent up to you. Bottles Jars & Tubes is also able to offset print squeeze tube packaging with up to 6 colors, silk screen with up to 3 colors, hot stamp with up to 2 foil colors, or combine printing methods to create the perfect design for your flourishing brand.

Our cosmetic squeeze tubes can be made out of many different materials, from low density polyethylene all the way to laminated aluminum. Whatever your preference of style and design, Bottles Jars and Tubes is here to help you.

If you’re not quite ready to customize but are looking for an affordable option for packaging your handmade cosmetics for sale at local flea markets, craft fairs, and other small selling venues, our stock cosmetic squeeze tubes may be the right option for you.  With plenty of different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right squeeze tube packaging for your handmade lip glosses, hand creams, face masks, and more. Plenty of different sizes will allow you to package smaller trial sizes for new customers – who will hopefully come back in search of a larger tube of their new favorite product!

Don’t forget to check out our tube filling and sealing equipment. These tools are a great investment in your new company, as they are small and ideal for basement or garage workshops, but can also be automated and included in a larger packaging facility once your company takes off!


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