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squeeze tube packaging

Squeeze Tube Packaging for Your Home Business – Bottles Jars & Tubes

Some already popular brands are well known for their iconic packaging. See how Bottles Jars & Tubes can help you be just as successful. Learn more today.

Lush cosmetics may be one of the most successful brand names for all natural beauty products out there.  Starting as a small shop in the UK selling specialty soaps one at a time, Lush has become an internationally successful company. While their products are certainly no longer handmade, they still contain all of the all natural ingredients people are looking for in their beauty products. Even more interesting – Lush is probably most well known for its packaging.

Lush packaging includes iconic chalkboard-like labels on all of their products, harkening back to the days when they wrote the soap special of the day on a chalkboard outside of their storefront. Having a story and eye-catching specialty bottles and squeeze tube packaging to go along with it has helped with Lush’s tremendous success.

Your own squeeze tube packaging, plastic bottles and plastic jars therefore, should not be ignored! Bottles Jars and Tubes is happy to help your startup with its own packaging, which will hopefully end up on store shelves all over the world!  Bottles Jars & Tubes is known for its custom squeeze tube packaging – perfect for your home made natural cosmetics. Whether you’re opening a physical stores, or selling on etsy or another online shop, eye-catching packaging will help to draw in new customers. Your products will keep them coming back for more!

Like Lush, maybe you can find packaging that speaks to the story of how your company was started.  Did you start making homemade cosmetics in your kitchen with your friends over a bottle of wine? Maybe your squeeze tube packaging should be styled after wine labels. Were you taught to make natural cosmetics and lotions by a flower child who lost herself back in the 70s? Perhaps your squeeze tube packaging should be an homage to hippie chic! The options are endless for custom plastic squeeze tubes.

Bottles Jars and Tubes also offers (clearly) wholesale jars and bottles that will work perfectly for your new products in larger sizes. With different sizes and colors of bottles and jars, plus different closures, you can find the perfect iconic packaging for your own products. Adding your own labels with your new iconic logo is a great way to customize these larger sizes for retail sale. Hinged lid containers are also available and can be customized with printing on lids as well. Making your own applicators for lip balms, scrubs and other similar items could help you to create add on items for your customers – and our hinged lid containers could be the perfect packaging.

Whether you’re selling handmade natural products, or even factory made cosmetics, Bottles Jars and Tubes can help you to create the custom squeeze tube packaging and other plastic squeeze bottles and packaging for your products, that will one day hopefully be as iconic (and successful!) as Lush cosmetics. Whether you’re dreaming big or small, Bottles Jars and Tubes can help to create your new company’s reality!


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