Common questions about hot stamping and specialty bottles.

hot stamping sample Hot Stamping Specialty Bottles FAQ – Bottles Jars and Tubes

Have you ever wondered what hot stamping is and how it can improve your specialty bottles? Learn more today and order yours from Bottles Jars and Tubes!

Hot stamping for specialty bottles is just one of the many ways you can customize your plastic bottles or hinged lid plastic vials. Below, you’ll find helpful answers to frequently asked questions about hot stamping.

What is hot stamping for specialty bottles?

Hot Stamping is a permanent printing process that uses dry printing, meaning there is no ink involved. First, a metal stamp is created, called a die. This stamp can include words, pictures, or numbers. Once the die is created, it is inserted to a hot stamping press machine. Most kinds of materials can be used to imprint on. The material is placed below the die and a piece of special foil is inserted between the die and the specialty bottles to be hot stamped. The hot stamping press machine is activated by pulling down the lever of the machine, forcing the die on the foil covered material. After just a couple of seconds, the die is released, the foil removed, and an engraving is left upon the selected specialty bottle.

Why choose hot stamping for specialty bottles?

Hot Stamping is known as a dry process. This means that there are no messy inks or cartridges used in the stamping process. This makes for easier clean up and handing, as there is no drying time. Also, hot stamping can be performed on many various types of materials and is a permanent engraving. Almost anything can be hot stamped, such as plastic jars, stationery, metal, and pencils. The hot stamping gives the selected specialty bottles a shiny, embossed look versus the flat writing style of ink. Hot stamping is also great for smaller branding items. Just load each material one by one, and the hot stamp machine’s stress-relieving capabilities easily resolve any springback or warping issues.

How does hot stamping compare to cold stamping?

The major difference between hot stamping and cold stamping is the process in which each is completed. Hot stamping is a dry process that uses an engraved, metal die to emboss the material. It leaves specialty bottles looking shiny and permanent. Cold stamping, on the other hand, is not a dry process. It uses a special glue that is dried with UV light and then printed on the paper. Foil is still added to the image, pressed over it, and then stripped away. You can then run that image under UV light and receive a permanent brand. Another difference between hot stamping and cold stamping is the timing of the process. Because a metal die must be made for every brand you wish to imprint, hot stamping is a much longer process than cold stamping. Also, since it’s less time consuming, cold stamping is usually cheaper than hot stamping.

What are the limitations for hot stamping specialty bottles?

There are two major limitations when it comes to hot stamping specialty bottles. The first one is the amount of time it takes to hot stamp something. Once everything is in place, the process of hot stamping is relatively simple; however, you cannot reuse a die a new one has to be made every time you want a new image or word embossed on a material. Creating a new die takes time. Secondly, once you have embossed on a material it cannot be reformed. Hot stamping is a one step process. Once the die has embossed materials such as plastic squeeze tubes, the material is hardened and cannot be changed.

What is the cost of hot stamping specialty bottles?

If you are looking to obtain a hot stamping machine for personal use, you must consider some factors first. Hot stamping machines can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on your needs. You also need to consider the specialty bottles or other materials you will be hot stamping and how many you will need to complete on a daily basis. A hot stamping machine requires foil, ribbons, dies, etc. and if you are going to be creating your own dies, you’ll also need materials for that. Depending on your budget and time limitations, you may want to consider having a company like Bottles Jars and Tubes do your hot stamping for you. In the long run, it could save you valuable money and time.

Still have questions about hot stamping? Contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today!


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