Which Kind of Plastic Jars Do You Need for Your Product?

plastic jars

Plastic Jars: Which kind is best? | Bottles Jars and Tubes

There are many different kinds of plastics jars with varying shapes, sizes, and materials. Read more to learn how to pick the best one for your product.

Building a successful company is no easy feat. Advertising, getting your name and product out there all take an exponential amount of man hours. But don’t let the work deter you; one day, something magnificent may happen and you’ll be ready to start shipping orders to buying customers. There’s just one question left: What type of plastic jars will you put your product in?

It’s difficult to decide between hundreds of different styles of wholesale jars but hopefully this is a problem to solve before you get to this stage. While you’re developing your product, optimize its potential by choosing the best kind of plastic jars to put it in. Listed below are 6 different types of plastic jars. Knowing which type of jar works best for your needs will make shipping your product a much easier task.

PET Plastic Jars

PET plastic jars are great to use for liquid products. They are very lightweight, but can be semi-rigid to rigid. These kinds of jars can also be used for such products as beverages, cooking oil plastic bottles, or products containing essential oils.

HDPE Plastic Jars

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. These plastic jars are made of a harder substance and come in more of an opaque color. You may see such products as milk jugs, fabric softener bottles, and bleach containers in HDPE plastic jars.

LDPE Plastic Jars

LDPE is Low Density Polyethylene. These plastic jars are more flexible than the HDPE, but are very sturdy and almost unbreakable. LDPE jars are great for any kind of food storage or for plastic squeeze bottles.

PVC Plastic Jars

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride plastic specialty bottles are chemical resistant. Since they are chemical resistant, these plastic jars require less petroleum than others. PVC is the third most widely used plastic jar next to PET and PP. Products you would want to use this type of plastic jar for would be chemical spray bottles.

PP Plastic Jars

PP stands for Polypropylene. This material is less flexible than LDPE, but it is usually reasonable priced. The plastic jar itself can be translucent or can come in any color. This type of jar is usually used for food packaging products, bottle caps, and drinking straws.

PS Plastic Jars

PS is Polystyrene. Made from petroleum, these jars are easily cast in molds and imprinted with great detail. Some products that use PS plastic jars are yogurt containers, vitamin bottles, and carryout food containers.

When choosing the perfect plastic jars for your product consider the following factors: chemical resistance, flexibility, temperature resistance, the plastic’s permeation, and recyclability. If you  need help determining which kind of plastic best suits your product, contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today.


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