Exploring the Market Sectors for Plastic Squeeze Tubes and Plastic Bottles

Learn about the different market sectors for plastic bottles and plastic squeeze tubes. We make products for clients in many different industries such as these.


Many different industries rely on plastic bottle manufacturers to package a variety of products.

Bottles Jars and Tubes provides high quality plastic bottles, a variety of plastic squeeze tubes and countless plastic jars to many different clients across the country. These clients sell many different kinds of products in a variety of market sectors. We know that many of these industries have a wide range of uses for our products and below, we’ve listed just a few examples of market sectors that make great use of our products.

Beauty Products

plastic bottles for beauty products

Companies that manufacture and produce beauty products such as lotions, shampoos, skin creams, etc. have a need for quality, plastic bottles and plastic squeeze tubes in which to package their products. Bottles Jars and Tubes offers a huge variety of bottles in all shapes and sizes to meet this need. The plastic resins used to make these bottles can vary, based on the specific needs and the company’s product but double mouth plastic jars, wide mouth jars and thick wall jars are commonly used to package face creams, lotions and such. Bottles Jars and Tubes also provides a variety of customization options to ensure that your brand stands out from the rest with the best display of your own innovative packaging design.


plastic containers for healthcare products

Most of us don’t think twice about the packaging when we head to the store to buy vitamins, contact solution or over-the-counter medicines but the Healthcare market sector is a huge one within the plastic packaging industry. Many plastic bottles and jars are designed to adequately contain and store products while protecting their integrity. Plastic vials and tubes are commonly used for healthcare products such as vitamins and over-the-counter pills. Just take a look inside your medicine cabinet and you’re likely to find a number of different plastic bottles and tubes, very similar to the ones we sell.

Home Products


Many home products like glass cleaner, dish soap and laundry detergent come pre-packaged in heavy duty plastic bottles and jars for your convenience. These plastics are designed with durability in mind so they can withstand the harshness of the chemicals they hold. Household essentials are something everyone needs to keep a home clean, fresh and looking great. The companies that create these products often depend on plastic bottle manufacturers like Bottles Jars and Tubes to provide high quality, durable plastic materials. Affordability and functionality are vital to the success of plastic packaging in this industry and we provide you with both.

Pet Care

pet care items in plastic containers next to puppies

Bottles Jars and Tubes offers a variety of plastic bottles, tubes and jars that are capable of holding products like dog shampoo, tick spray, non-chewing spray, ointments and more. This market sector is very competitive but also full of plenty of opportunity. We provide our clients with a number of plastic bottle designs and sizes that are suitable for pet products.


man with plastic bottle cleaning car

Auto shops, grocery stores and general stores alike all carry automotive products like polishes, waxes and scratch removers. These products are often packaged in plastic spray bottles, plastic tubes and plastic bottles. Bottles Jars and Tubes can service this market sector too! With a number of different styles and shapes and opportunity for customization, we can make sure your product is recognizable and securely packaged for each and every customer.

Shop Plastic Bottles and More with Bottles Jars and Tubes

Browse our website today to see all the options we offer for your market sector. We offer bulk ordering, advanced customization options and samples. Contact Bottles Jars and Tubes for more information.


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