Best Plastic Jars for Beauty Products

Looking for plastic jars for your beauty products? Bottles Jars and Tubes recommends these top picks. Shop our jars and give your customers the best.

plastic jars for skincare

Consider these choices when choosing plastic jars for your beauty products.

Bottles Jars and Tubes offers our clients a variety of plastic jars that are suitable for beauty products. When it comes to cosmetics and skincare, customers may often choose a new product based on its packaging and we can help make sure your plastic packaging is both engaging and functionable. Keep reading to learn about some of the best kinds of jars for beauty product packaging.

Double Wall Plastic Jars

double wall plastic jars

Our double wall plastic jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are called “double wall jars” because they are are manufactured with an inner jar attached to an outer shell. Each jar has a different fill capacity and appropriate sizes are based on your company’s needs.

The major benefit of these jars for cosmetics is that they are designed to look very thick and heavy but are, in fact, extremely light. A durable-looking plastic jar enhances the appearance of high quality skincare products or cosmetics without the high cost of expensive packaging.

Double wall jars are a cost effective solution for cosmetic and skincare packaging and the wide range of size options makes it easy for you to package a number of different products with an overarching similar design concept. These jars come in black, white or clear but custom colors are also available for an additional price.

Wide Mouth PET Jars

wide mouth PET jars

Our PET wide mouth plastic jars are in fact plastic, but they are designed to look like glass jars. They are made with PET or clear polyethylene terephthalate, a commonly used plastic in the manufacturing of clothing fibers and plastic containers for foods and liquids.

These jars are also stocked in many different colors including clear, light amber, cobalt blue, dark green and white but custom colors are also available upon request for an additional price. Caps are sold separately but they offer optimal aesthetics with a design that is flush with the side wall.

Our wide mouth PET jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can efficiently hold anywhere from 2 oz. to 32 oz. of product. So whether you’re packaging lotions, creams or liquids, you’re bound to find the appropriate size within our offered selection. An overall ideal choice for personal products, these jars are a popular choice for beauty products.

Thick Wall Plastic Jars

thick wall plastic jars

Our thick wall plastic jars are also designed to look like glass but these have a little more “flair” when compared to the PET wide mouth plastic jars. Commonly used to hold products like face creams, lotions and body butters, these jars are ideal for any company that targets a sophisticated clientele looking for high quality beauty products

These jars are made of clear polystyrene and we can easily customize them with silk screening, offset printing, hot stamping or labeling – all you have to do is provide your own artwork. Maximum fill capacity will vary based on the designs we have in stock and the best size is determined by your individual needs.

Thick wall plastic jars can be used for the following (and much more!):

  • Bath salts
  • Creams
  • Balms
  • Gels
  • Body Scrubs

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when packaging your beauty products but these are just the three best options we suggest you use. For more information about our selection of wholesale plastic jars or to place an order, contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today!


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