Why You Should Consider Shrink Bands for Your Plastic Vials

Shrink bands offer a wealth of advantages for a variety of different products. Consider outfitting your plastic vials with shrink bands for these reasons.


If your product is packaged in plastic vials, here’s what shrink bands can do for you.

Shrink bands are plastic sleeves that are fastened onto the exterior of containers like bottles, jars, tubes and tins and are molded to fit snugly around it. The main purpose of a shrink band is to avoid the tampering of any product. Bottles Jars and Tubes offers shrink bands made from PVC plastic. They are typically fitted onto the cap and shoulder of plastic vials, bottles, jars and tubes, but sometimes their coverage extends to the entire outer surface. They are also perforated to allow for easy breakage of shrink bands.

This plastic PVC shrink band must be removed in order to retrieve the product from within the plastic containers. The shrink band design method does not allow you to reseal it once the seal is broken. This gives you an immediate indication of whether a product was previously opened or not.

How are shrink bands used?

Shrink bands are packaged in bundles of sleeves. To use them, you need to slip the band over the plastic vials, before applying heat to the container using a heat gun, hairdryer or heat tunnel. It is important to ensure that the heat is applied properly to the band so that it conforms to the shape of any specialty bottles. Applying the heat evenly causes the band to drape and wrap itself tightly around the plastic vial. This will secure the shrink bands and ensure that they don’t slide off.

Shrink Band Advantages

Shrink bands are used extensively by plastic bottle manufacturers but are also often used within various other companies. The cosmetics and food industries primarily use squeeze bottles, whereas in the hygiene and pharmaceutical industries mainly prefer plastic squeeze tubes. Regardless of the container, with a shrink band in place, consumers are assured of the safety of all plastic vials, tubes and jars.

Below are a few benefits to wrapping plastic vials with tamper evident shrink bands:

  1. Seals securely – strong seals suggest no spillage and leaking of liquids
  2. Affordable – save time and money
  3. Tamper-proof – the tampering of products is avoided and ensures that the product is protected
  4. Attractiveness – enhance and improve product packaging for marketability
  5. Professional appearance – attractive package improves sales
  6. Customer satisfaction – manufacturers ensure their reputation is safeguarded and consumers are promised security and safety of the products being purchased
  7. Easy to remove – consumers can easily peel away shrink bands from plastic vials – no mess no fuss

Shrink bands are convenient, affordable and can increase satisfaction for both the manufacturers and consumers. Learn more about our shrink band offerings by contacting Bottles Jars and Tubes today!


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