The Power of Custom Printed Packaging for Your Plastic Bottles

Are you using custom printed labels for your plastic bottles? If not, here are a few reasons you should consider it. We can help you get started today.

plastic bottles of honey

Custom printed packaging can help you sell your plastic bottles.

Custom printed labels distinguish your product from your competitors’. Most consumers will buy a product that catches their eye and that they remember, over something plain and forgettable. Your custom printed label is just as important as what is inside the plastic bottle. You have already invested in developing and bottling your product, now you just need to seal the deal with custom printed labels for your plastic bottles.

Stand out.

Basic labels aren’t particularly attractive and look rather cheap. Ugly and cheap tells consumers that a product isn’t worthy of anything more than the bare minimum. A custom printed label can take basic plastic bottles, and transform them into something that brags pure quality. Consumers are attracted to originality and creativity and bland labels often indicate a bland product. You know that your product can beat out your competitors’, so take the time to show that with custom printed labels. Your custom label is a billboard for your product.

Tell an original story.

A custom printed label turns basic plastic bottles into a story-telling precursor to the product within. Some brands use images and others use words to tell stories with their branding. Some even combine the two. Either way, the label tells an original story. Coca-Cola®, for example, uses a rosy-cheeked, smiling Santa, or a family of polar bears to tell a story of the joy associated with an ice cold Coke®. Color, language, and images go a long way when it comes to telling stories, even on your average plastic bottles. Why not tell your own story with a custom printed label?

Positively impact your salability and credibility.

Consumers want to buy credible and legitimate products and your label plays a vital role in determining just how credible and legitimate your product really is. If a consumer finds your label to be unattractive, uninformative, and under appreciative, he or she will most likely bypass your product entirely. What it shows, in this case, is a disinterest in the product, as well as a disinterest in the consumer. It tells the consumer that you are probably too busy to take their call if there is an issue or concern, and that you are not truly invested in your product.

The consumer sees the label before he/she sees the plastic bottle and its contents. A custom printed label indicates care, passion, and credibility, thus affecting your sellability. Prove your product’s worth, and your worth as a company. Invest in your product with a custom printed label.

Customize Your Plastic Bottles with Bottles Jars and Tubes

Contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today for more information regarding our custom printed labels for plastic bottles, plastic squeeze tubes, plastic jars and other specialty bottles.


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