The Importance of Child-Resistant Plastic Vials

Child-resistant plastic vials can protect both you and your customers in many ways. Learn more about this great option and contact us today for a quote.

child playing with plastic vials

Protect consumers and protect your business with child-resistant plastic vials.

Children are curious and unaware of potential hazards. Glass jars, potentially hazardous or poisonous chemicals, and loose lids all pose potential life-threatening hazards to children. Rather than putting consumers, children, and your business at risk, invest in child-resistant plastic vials – an easy and affordable bit of insurance.

Non-breakable protection.

Glass vials are easily broken, which can lead to potentially serious injuries and the possibility of a hefty lawsuit. Child-resistant plastic vials are non-breakable, and much harder for a child to open. Child-resistant plastic vials offer the same storage capability, but dramatically decrease the chance of breaks and leaks. Furthermore, the term “child-resistant” means that the contents within the vial are much harder for a child to access. Contents stay in, and curious children stay safe from possible exposure to broken glass or dangerous contents.

Tight, child-resistant lids buy time.

Loose lids are easily removed by curious kiddos. Children can become exposed to chemicals and other potentially harmful substances well before you have a chance to get to them. Child-resistant lids and seals can buy a little time to get to the child and remove the plastic vial from his or her little hands before any chance of exposure. Child-resistant plastic vials slow, and eliminate possible accidental exposure to dangerous products.

No leaks, no exposure.

Over time, glass threads and rubber seals wear out, leading to the possibility of leaky vials. Child-resistant plastic vials maintain integrity, nearly eliminating the possibility for accidental spills and/or exposure. Children play rough, oblivious to the hazards of what they might be playing with. Imagine a child throwing a glass vial on a tiled floor. Shards of glass, and potentially dangerous substances are suddenly strewn about. Injury to the child and/or parent are inevitable. Imagine the same scenario with a child-resistant plastic vial. No break, no leaks, and no injury.

Child-resistant plastic vials. You do the math.

A home with a toddler should be a safe home, complete with child locks, and other child-resistant safety features. Your product should be no different. Consumers want to provide a safe environment for their children, and are more apt to buy a child-resistant product over a potential safety hazard. Child resistant plastic vials provide safety for everyone in the home, school nurse’s office, hardware store, etc. If consumers want a safe product, and you use child-resistant packaging, consumers can see your product’s value and invest their hard-earned money in your safe plastic packaging.

To learn more about child-resistant packaging options for plastic bottles, plastic squeeze tubes, or other packaging solution, contact Bottles Jars and Tubes today.


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